• Coastal cruise
    Mainly simple, robust and economical sails, for those who use the boat on summer cruises. Made of heavy white pre-stretched Dacron, sewn with coarse yarn and super reinforced finishes. Crosscut sails with the same load distribution as the racing sails.
  • Oceanic cruise
    Sails that require more specific care, oversized and reinforced in all areas that may be subject to wear and stress. Made of heavy white pre-stretched Dacron or Polyester or Spectra laminate, sewn with coarse yarn and super reinforced finishes.
    Horizontal crosscut if in Dacron or Tri-Radial if in exotic material, with the same load distribution as racing sails.
  • Regatta cruise
    For those who want lighter but at the same time as sturdy as a Dacron sail, for club regattas or fast cruises, there are now laminated Dacron cruising sails to make tri-radial sails with the same cut as a racing sail. The great advantage lies in the dimensional stability of the fabric which reduces stretching to the advantage of performance. One of the biggest problems of cruising sails is in fact the stretching of fabric.
    When the sail is under stress, the Dacron will deform, the initial profile will change and the sail will push less.
  • Cruise
    without compromise, all details are covered
    This is our philosophy.
    Many years of experience in research of the best sail profiles elaborated and studied on each and every boat. Thanks to the help of sophisticated mathematical programs it is now possible to distribute the best volume of a sail.
  • Spinnaker and Genaker:
    they are entirely glued, both for cruising and racing, using the same airfoil, the only difference lies in the type of fabric and the number of panels, more numerous for the racing spi. The sail is otherwise identical. A high quality standard that has always made us unique.
  • Reacher:
    The latest evolution for Genaker but not only
    With its incredible performance and easy manipulation, this sail is the no. 1 of the leading sails in both cruising and racing in a wide range of sailing conditions, from close-hauled with light winds, to broad reach in strong winds.
    An airfoil that includes all the experience gained over time and the miles travelled to achieve the highest performance.
  • Lateen Sails:
    Technology and Tradition have always been the key combination for the success of our high quality sails.
    The fastest, most up-to-date and customised cuts for every boat and for every need with finishing touches that respect the tradition of Lateen sailing. We have achieved the highest results in many regattas thanks to our sails, a growing success which gets more and more boats in the top positions of the most important regattas, including the “President of the Republic Trophy” in Stintino in Sardinia.
  • One Design:
    we create sails for all types of One Design, and we have achieved great success with sails for 420, 470, J24 and Este 24.

Experience and innovation

We often design our sails away from our sailmaking plant, but rather work from any corner of the world, where emotion and inspiration always bring us in symbiosis with the wind and water, to design the most beautiful, the best performing and longest lasting sails.

  • Our designing phase is the result of more than 40 years of experience in the sea, of our relationship with the wind and any type of material.
    When we design our sails, we skilfully transfer the essence of the project and our creativity into sophisticated software capable of validating our aerodynamic and structural ideas in relation to the needs of the client and his boat.
  • A networked computer system guarantees access to the database containing technical information on materials and boats.